How to Clean a Carpet and Remove Dust and Dirt

When you hear the word “carpet,” images of warm and steamy vacations come to mind. The smell of fresh cut grass and a hot cup of coffee follows you home. However, the process of cleaning a carpet can be as challenging as it is common. Carpets are rich in natural fibers that don’t hold as much water as synthetic fibers, so they shrink and become more difficult to clean when wet. This means that your best bet is to dry them completely before attempting to remove dirt or residue from them. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do this at home. You don’t want to damage your carpeting by using harsh chemicals or dangerous tools; these can permanently damage the material and make it less effective at removing dirt and stains in the long run. Instead, see our list of 5 ways to clean carpeting below for information on how you can effectively remove stains from carpets at home:

Test Your Carpeting for Toxins first

The first step in any stain removal process is to test the carpet for toxins.  If the carpeting has these materials in large quantities, you may want to consider hiring a professional to come in and clean it.

Use Low-Sulphur Brands

When it comes to cleaning a carpet, you should use a low-salt, low-iodine, and mild detergent. These products have been proven to be safe for your family’s health and the environment. Plus, they can easily be found at any local home center.

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