How to Preheat the Stage for Your Sls Wet Dress Rehearsal

In case you hadn’t heard, Sls Live is going back to school. The festival has been supersized in the face of a flood of new competition to which it has had to adjust its operation. It’s grown from a one-off showcase into a mini-industry with its own production company and record label, along with its ticketing service and merchandise. This week, it seems like all eyes are on Bristol — the site of Sls wet dress rehearsal Live’s first incarnation in 2013 — as the organizers search for ways to make their newest iteration as slick and slickly musical as the first time around.

Get to Know Your Audience

The most obvious thing to do is put on a show for the same people who you’re trying to court. In this case, the attendees will be mostly students — usually in their 20s and 30s — who make up the bulk of the crowd. In general, they’re tech-savvy, open-minded, and interested in contemporary music. If you want to attract this crowd, you’ll want to make an effort to be engaging and fun — and, if possible, avoid the sombrero-hat-wearing, St. Patty’s-themed events that have become so popular at Sls wet dress rehearsal Live.

Help Build a Community

As with any festival, the more engagement you get from the audience, the more comfortable your guests will feel being there. Take the time to introduce yourself to your crowd — and especially to the younger crowd — and to let them know why you’re there. This will not only help create a more enjoyable environment for the audience, but it will also help you build a community with fellow music lovers.

Avoid the Slushpile

In the summer, Sls Live gets very busy. With two stages and an expanded lineup, it can be difficult to keep up with demand. That’s why organizers are encouraging fans to save their tickets for the official show on the day of the event — and to not purchase tickets to the unofficial event, which takes place the night before at a bar across the street from the festival. If you want to get into the spirit, head to the unofficial event and buy a few spiced sake cocktails to take to the stage the next day.

Don’t Forget About the Merchandise!

If you want to be extra enticing to the merch-loving crowd, there are some enhancements you can add to the items for sale at the official show. The buttoned-up coats and scarves are great, but the casual wear is what SLs Live is all about. So if you’re going to the unofficial show, stock up on the jeans, T-shirts, and other stuff that you’ll be able to take home with you.

Keep Up with Music Technology

If you want to keep up with the latest in music technology, definitely check out our guide to the most-read tech news in Bristol. There are plenty of articles about what’s coming up at SLs Live, as well as in the surrounding area, but this is the one you want to read if you want to stay in the loop with the latest in sound and lights.

Bottom line

The best way to sum up how to preheat the stage for your Sls Live rehearsal is to say: Don’t sweat the small stuff. The new version of Sls Live will be just as successful as the first time around, so don’t overthink it. Build fun and engaging production and you’ll have a much easier time keeping your audience engaged and coming back for more.

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