Benitago – The Best Chilean Pizzas in Town

It’s no secret that Chile is home to some of the most amazing pizza joints in the world. With numerous first-class local and international chains serving up mouthwatering versions of this classic dish, it can seem as if there’s no end to the number of excellent pic franchises around. However, for those who want to benitago venture further afield to find the best Chilean pizzas in town, we have good news: they’re all here. In this article, we’ll highlight the best pizza locations across Santiago using nothing but expert opinions from locals and overseas visitors alike. While some may boast better pizzas than others (and we were impressed by many), all of these establishments offer an authentic taste of Chile’s national dish with a crispy crust, cheese lover’s dream toppings and plenty of aioli sauce for dipping.

Top of the range: Marconi Almond Pizzas in Parque Zone

Located at the eastern edge of the city, Parque Zone is a prime location for any aspiring pizza aficionado. Amongst all the eateries in this area, Marconi’s is perhaps the most highly regarded due to its popularity with celebrities. The pizzas themselves are nothing short of immaculate, sporting a perfectly crunchy shell and soft, lightly sweet center. The choice of toppings includes a wealth of exotic options such as spring onions, kiwis, almonds, goji berries and, of course, ema (Chilean walnuts). The restaurant also gives away free samples of its food to all visitors.

Try before you buy: El Matador’s Chile Verde Pizzas

Home to some benitago of the best pizzas in the city, El Matador is a real treat for the eyes as well as the stomach. Set in a beautiful colonial house, this restaurant exudes a genuine Mexican atmosphere. The menu features several authentic Mexican dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, nachos and more, but it’s the pizzas that shine. Dishes such as the piled-high Mexican street taco and the sizzling handmade corn tortilla are highly recommended.

Real local scene: Tandoor Bistro & Bar

Santiago’s Finest Mexican Bistro & Bar, Tandoor is a must for all Chileans on any trip to the city. Tandoor is one of the few places in the world that serves the genuine article: a rolled, handmade midnight snack called churro. It’s a savory Mexican treat that is very similar to the Scottish sweet dessert, scone. Churros are baked and filled with cream, sugar and a variety of savory ingredients such as bacon, cheddar, green onions, pizza de gallon, jalapenos and more. The restaurant is packed to the rafters throughout the day and night on weekends so it’s a recommended pit stop for all visitors to the city.

The budget recommended: Tres Rancheros Mexican Pizza

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, Tres Rancheros is the place to go in Santiago. This low-key local chain specializes in authentic Mexican food and, though it may not have the same level of celebrity status as some of the other members of the Parque Zone pizza fraternity, it still delivers. Tres Rancheros is famous for its homemade Mexican pizzas, which are nothing short of scrumptious. The menu includes classic options such as spinach and feta pizza, as well as more contemporary choices such as red chili and cheese.

Located in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, Parque de la Estrella is home to some of the most amazing food in the city. The restaurant is open to both the public and the press so you can check out the amazing views of the city from the tabletops and chairs. The menu features a wide variety of international dishes such as nachos, poutine and more, but it’s the pizzas that stand out. Dishes such as the classic Margherita and the bright and colorful guavas al abilo are always a sell-out.

Final words

The best pizza in town might not be the one located in the most tourist-friendly location. Many locals favor places that are off the beaten path, with better food and a more authentic atmosphere. We hope that this list of the best pizza in Santiago provides you with some inspiration when searching for your perfect pizza. You’ll be surprised how many great places there are to indulge in this delightful meal.

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