Empower Employees with the Best HRMS Software for Startups

Running a startup in India comes with its own challenges, and one of the key challenges is managing your human resources effectively. Hiring and welcoming new members to performance assessments and sorting out payroll used to be an uphill task.

But now, the solution lies in choosing the best HRMS software for startups! These nifty tools can revamp your operations, wave goodbye to cumbersome paperwork, and usher in a new era of seamless HR management.

Whether businesses aim to smoothen the recruitment process or simplify payroll management, these HRMS tools have your back. Bid farewell to the manual grind and say hello to a new-age, hassle-free HR experience.

However, picking the best HRMS software for startups that aligns with your unique business needs might seem overwhelming. Fret not! Because we’ve done the digging for you.

Brace yourself as we present you with the finest employee HRMS software solutions available in India.

Your quest for the best HRMS software for startups ends here!

What are the Best HRMS Software for Startups?

Are you a startup trying to navigate the world of human resource management? Well, we’ve got your back! We’ve scoured the digital landscape to bring you the crème de la crème of the best HRMS software tailored for startups like yours.

  1. Claimz HR Software: Best in Value

Claimz emerges as a 360-degree Human Resource Management System (HRMS) designed to automate organisational HR functions. If you want modules ranging from attendance management and compliance management to task coordination and payroll oversight, Claimz comes with desired features at an unmatched low price.


  • Claimz is affordable, user-friendly, and works on all devices
  • Automated compliance and guided payroll system


  • Employees and admins may need to adjust or go through training
  • Tech dependence, esp. on phones and the cloud, is challenging in low-connectivity regions
  1. GREYTHR: Tailored for Smaller Players

GreytHR, an HR software veteran in India, is your go-to for small to midsize companies. It’s like the cosy neighbourhood café of HRMS.

Accessing employee data and reports is a breeze. However, with growth, you might outgrow them due to limited modules.


  • Perfect for small-scale companies
  • A trusted name with a long-standing reputation


  • Not ideal for fast-scaling companies that need specialised modules
  • No backend payroll and compliance management services
  1. KEKA: Smooth UI Experience

Meet Keka! This HRMS is known for its user-friendliness and snazzy UI. It’s the perfect companion for seamless HRMS payroll and software processing. 

While they don’t offer backend services like payroll outsourcing and compliance management, their strong points lie elsewhere.


  • A smooth and engaging UI
  • Integrates with select third-party tools


  • No backend payroll and compliance management services
  • Comes with a slightly higher price tag compared to others
  1. QUIKCHEX: Your All-Rounder Buddy

Say hello to Quikchex – the friendly face of HRMS designed for Indian startups. Whether you’re a cosy 20-employee setup or a bustling 2000+ member corporation.

What sets them apart? They’re like the Swiss Army Knife of HRMS, offering HRMS Attendance, Payroll Outsourcing and Compliance Management that sync seamlessly with their software. Plus, a mobile app and helpful account managers ready to assist you around the clock.


  • Seamless integration with Payroll Outsourcing and Compliance Management
  • Easy to use, yet totally customisable
  • Dedicated account managers are available 24/7
  • Budget-friendly solution


  • Some modules like Learning & Development and Rewards & Recognition are on their way
  • Not the best fit for massive 10,000+ employee enterprises
  1. DARWINBOX: The Big-Leaguer’s Choice

For the big shots, there’s Darwin Box – an end-to-end HRMS powerhouse designed for larger enterprises. It’s got it all – from ATS to R&R tools. But beware, it comes with a price tag that might stretch your startup budget.


  • Tailored for complex enterprise needs
  • Highly scalable for large companies


  • A bit too intricate for small to midsize companies
  • Not the friendliest price for startups and mid-sized firms
  • No backend payroll and compliance management services
  1. KREDILY: The Digital Workplace

Kredily is your digital workplace designed for small to medium-sized Indian businesses.

Its nifty features like ‘greet’ and ‘reach’ might replace a bunch of your communication tools. They’ve even got their payout gateway ‘KREDPAY’ integrated. However, some modules like PMS and Timesheets are missing.


  • Unique features like ‘Kredpay’ and ‘Greet’
  • Wallet-friendly pricing


  • Lacks modules like PMS and Timesheets
  • Not the best fit for rapid-scaling companies
  1. ZING HR: The All-in-One

Zing HR is the jack-of-all-trades in the HRMS world, catering to larger enterprises. With a buffet of modules, it’s like the HRMS supermarket. But be warned – it might be overwhelming for the little guys and gals.


  • Comprehensive solution for medium to large enterprises
  • Some customisation based on your vertical


  • Might be too complex for startups and mid-sized firms
  • Pricey for startup budgets
  1. SPINE HR: The Reliable Veteran

Spine, an HR tech veteran in India, has been serving up desktop-based solutions for years. It’s like your trustworthy old-school companion for payroll management. Just remember, its transition to a cloud-based world might leave some modern businesses scratching their heads.


  • Desktop-based solution for traditional organisations
  • Scales well for larger companies
  • Includes an Asset Management System


  • Not for those seeking cloud-based solutions
  • A bit complex for modern users
  1. RAYZORPAYX PAYROLL: Simplicity in Payroll

RayzorPayX Payroll, a product of Razorpay’s acquisition of Opfin, keeps it simple with payroll automation. But it’s not a full-fledged HRMS, missing out on some bells and whistles like attendance tracking and PMS.


  • Sleek and simple UI for smaller teams
  • Effortless payroll and compliance disbursement


  • Limited configurability for larger teams
  • Lacks complete HRMS functionality
  1. ZOHO: The Global Player

Zoho People boasts global appeal, easy data migration, and customisation galore. But being a world traveller, it might not cover all your Indian-specific needs.


  • Integrates with the Zoho family of products
  • Backed by the reputable Zoho brand


  • Might miss the mark on Indian-specific requirements
  • Different tools for different purposes might not suit everyone
  1. HR-ONE: The Enterprise Gem

HR One covers all the basics – payroll, leave tracking, and more. It’s got a mobile app for those on the move. Meanwhile, it’s built for the big players, which might be a bit much for startups and mid-sized businesses.


  • A comprehensive tool for enterprise-level needs
  • Handy mobile application for managing tasks


  • Complexity might scare off smaller players
  • No backend payroll and compliance management services


Choosing the Perfect HRMS Software for Startups: Don’t Miss These Key Points!

Let’s explore the essential factors that can make or break your choice of the best HRMS software for startups.

  1. Desktop vs. Cloud-Based: The Ultimate Showdown

Cloud-based systems offer more flexibility and safety for your data compared to on-premise software, which could result in total loss due to crashes or viruses.

  1. Customisation is Key: Modules and Features

Every startup has unique needs. Are you after just payroll or the whole shebang? Some Indian HR vendors craft tailor-made packages that fit your needs like a glove, sparing you from paying for features you won’t use.

  1. Implementing with Ease

The implementation process is a make-or-break moment. Some vendors promise a quick setup, while others might

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