Kerala Adventure Tourism: Water Sports And Adventure Activities

Kerala is a treasure trove of natural beauty, lush landscapes, and diverse eco systems. A Kerala adventure tourism journey further takes you beyond its serene backwaters and tranquil beaches.

In short, Kerala offers best options for thrilling to adventure lovers. While planning a trip from Mumbai to Kerala and looking to add thrill to your schedule. This blog post is your guide to thrilling water sports and outdoor sports in the region.

1: Water Rafting in Periyar River

Get ready for a thrilling water rafting experience in the Periyar River, located in Thekkady. River rafting is one of the main part of your Kerala adventure tourism journey. The gushing rapids and lush greenery around the river provide a perfect setting for rafting.

Rafting in Periyar River is suitable for freshers and trained rafters, as the skill levels vary. You will further go through the heart of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Meanwhile, catch glimpses of wildlife along the way.

2: Kayaking in the Backwaters

Kerala’s backwaters are known for their tranquil houseboat rides. They also offer an exciting chance for kayaking.

Paddle your way through the serene waters, having by swaying coconut palms and ancient village life. The Marari Beach and Alleppey are famous kayaking regions. They further offers calm backwaters ideal for freshers.

3: Parasailing at Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach, with its golden sands and clear blue waters, is a paradise for beach lovers. It’s also a hub for water sports, including parasailing. Firstly, strap into a harness and get lifted into the sky.

After that, enjoy charming views of the coastline and the Arabian Sea. Parasailing at Kovalam Beach is an exciting adventure. Above all, it will leave you with pleasant memories.

4: Banana Boat Rides in Varkala

Varkala is a charming coastal town known for its stunning cliffs and pristine beaches. One of the most enjoyable water activities in Varkala is the banana boat ride.

Firstly, hop onto an inflatable banana shaped boat and hold on tight. Further, get ready for a thrilling ride as you are pulled across the waves. It’s perfect for groups and couples seeking an exciting water adventure.

5: Scuba Diving in Kovalam

Kovalam is not just about its pleasant beaches. It is also a fantastic place for scuba diving. Further, dive into the azure waters of the Arabian Sea.

Explore the underwater world of coral reefs, colorful fish, and marine life. You don’t need to be a certified diver to enjoy scuba diving here. As there are fresher courses available for new comers.

6: Trekking in the Western Ghats

Kerala’s Western Ghats offer excellent trekking options for thrill lovers. Places for example Munnar, Wayanad, and Thekkady boast lush green hills.

Further, explore their tea gardens and diverse flora and fauna. You can choose from a range of trekking options, from easy hikes to challenging expeditions. Above all, exploring the natural beauty of Kerala on foot is a thrill in itself.

7: Bamboo Rafting in Periyar Tiger Reserve

One more exciting way to explore the Periyar Tiger Reserve is through bamboo rafting. With the trained guides, You will meanwhile float along the Periyar Lake on bamboo rafts.

They further allow you to get up close to wildlife in their natural space. It’s a serene yet thrilling experience that blends wildlife spotting with the peace of nature.

8: Zip lining in Wayanad

For a bird’s eye view of Kerala’s forests and valleys, try zip lining in Wayanad. The adventure firstly starts from an elevated platform.

You will further glide along steel cables, taking in stunning scenery below. It’s a thrilling adventure that will make your Kerala trip even more enjoyable.

9: Rock Climbing in Vagamon

Vagamon, often called the Scotland of Asia, is a heaven for thrill seekers. Along with rolling hills and meadows, it further offers rock climbing options for a physical challenge. The rocky terrain and varying levels of skill make Vagamon an ideal place for rock climbers.

10: Houseboat Trip in Alleppey

Houseboat trip mainly offers peace, but they can also provide an thrilling experience. Opt for a houseboat stay in Alleppey.

It contains activities for example fishing, kayaking, and even night safaris. With Keralapackage Kerala tours Mumbai packages offers, you will have the chance to explore the backwaters in depth. Above all, you can immerse yourself in Kerala’s unique eco system.

Tips for Your Kerala Adventure

1: Plan Ahead

Research and book your adventure activities in advance to secure your spots. It’s helpful mainly during peak tourist seasons.

2: Safety First

Always try to be safe by wearing proper gear. Above all, follow the tips given by trained guides.

3: Fitness Level

Assess your fitness level before trying certain things mainly trekking and rock climbing. Above all, choose the ones that match your physical strength.

4: Pack Properly

As per the adventure, pack things for example sunscreen, water, clothing, and sturdy shoes.

5: Local Guidance

If you are not familiar with the area, consider hiring local guides. They can meanwhile enhance your thrilling experience. Also, provide valuable insights about the region.

6: Respect Nature

While enjoying your thrilling sports, remember to be responsible and conscious. Further, leave no trace and respect the natural beauty of Kerala.

In conclusion, Kerala’s adventure tourism scene offers a diverse range of activities. It cater to every kind of adventure lover. You may seek thrills in the water, the mountains, or the skies, Kerala has it all.

Combine the peace of Kerala’s natural beauty with the thrill of these adventures. You will have a Kerala adventure tourism journey filled with joyful moments. So, pack your thrilling spirit and embark on a journey from Mumbai to Kerala. Above all, get a thrilling experience in God’s Own Country.

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