BenQ EX270QM: A Display Like None Other

BenQ EX 270QM is the game-changer gaming monitor for gamers. It has too many attractive and cool features. It enhances your gaming experience and takes it to the next level. If you want to buy a new gaming monitor, then this article may help you. In this article, we will tell you some cool things about the BenQ EX270QM. Before that, let’s have a glimpse of the BenQ company. BenQ is a Taiwan-based multinational company. It sells electronic and technology-based products all over the world.

What is the BenQ EX270QM?

The Best BenQ EX270QM is one of the coolest gaming monitors of the BenQ company. This monitor has many attractive features, such as its display, response time, colours, etc. These features are further explained below.

Features of BenQ EX270QM 

The Best BenQ EX270QM has many cool features. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Screen size: It has a quite big screen size of 27 inches with a QHD resolution. This makes your gaming experience more realistic.
  2. Display colours: Its display has an IPS feature which produces more realistic colours. It also made neutral saturations that enhanced the video quality. 
  3. HDR content: The BenQ EX270QM uses the HDR. It automatically clarifies any details of the image. It makes your gaming experience unique and amazing. 
  4. Fast response: It has the 1m feature. It allows that monitor to respond very quickly without any ghost clicks.
  5. Refreshing speed: The BenQ EX270QM has high refreshing rate which is of 240Hz. It refreshes very quickly and does not lag while processing. It increases its performance.
  6. Other features: It includes up to 100mm height adjustments, from -5° to 15° tilts, up to 15° swirls from both sides, flexibility in setup and use, and many more.

Pricing Range And Warranty Policy Of The BenQ EX270QM

The BenQ EX270QM has a price range that varies from 85,000 INR to 60,000 INR. Usually, this much of fluctuations are possible in the case of online selling on e-commerce websites. 

The BenQ EX270QM also has a warranty policy. The BenQ company provides a warranty on it only if that fails to function. But this also has some more conditions. You should read all the conditions and terms before claiming a warranty.


The BenQ EX270QM is one of the best gaming monitors. It has a mid-level pricing range with a warranty scheme. The BenQ EX270QM has many features that attract a large population of gamers towards it. With these features, it also improves its performance. It also makes gaming more realistic and joyful for the players.

This monitor flexibility in setting up. That means it can easily be set up and work with other components without any issues. It has a flexible connector that allows you to connect it with different devices. Suppose you want to buy a gaming monitor in mid pricing range. You can consider it.

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