7 Best Baby Stores to Shop Toddler Backpack in Singapore

There’s denying that a toddler backpack has revolutionized the way of carrying things and relieved moms’ burdens. Ever wondered why they have gained huge popularity? Obviously, there are a lot of features that set them apart from ordinary bags. Beautifully designed, they are multipurpose, spacious, durable, and comfy. Traveling with a toddler means to carry their endless stuff. And no one wants to hold bits and bobs of their young one in their hands. To make your trip enjoyable and convenient, backpacks go a long way to take hold of every little thing. From clothes to their favorite toys to yummy snacks, your little traveler can take whatever they want to. In Singapore, you can find a huge variety of modern and functional backpacks. Here is a list of the 7 best baby stores where you can shop for toddler backpacks in Singapore. 

Lovingly Signed

A toddler backpack caters to the needs of parents and kids alike. What’s better than a backpack that is practical, trendy, and a precious keepsake? That’s right! Lovingly Signed provides backpacks with amazing prints for children. Moreover, you can customize it with your little junior’s name to make it entirely theirs. Here, you can grab their Mori and Trixie Backpack. Prepare your child to organize their things on their own and have fun exploring the wonders of the world. Lovingly Signed has a delightful collection of toddler backpacks that are delivered straight to your doorstep.


With an aim to make products convenient and accessible for people, Fjallraven provides functional, durable, and timeless outdoor gear. In minimalistic Swedish style, their Kanken Mini backpacks are the cutest of all. It is available in a range of vibrant colors that will look classy on your young ones. They can’t wait to assort all their things in their personal backpack. Also, it is made of Vinylon fabric that is durable. Fjallraven provides comfortable backpacks for young adventurers to make their childhood more special.

Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids boasts an elegant collection of toddler backpacks that you are going to love. They include an array of ergonomic kids’ backpacks in adorable designs and colors. Along with being practical and durable, their designs are sure to captivate your kid. The design includes sufficient pockets, comfy straps, and gear loops. Their bestselling backup is the Mackenzie backpack that glows in the dark, making it highly attractive for kids.


Tinyme is another store that curates an amazing collection of backpacks that are easy for moms to carry as well. The Junior Kids backpack at this store is highly sold. The size is perfect for every child, ensuring that it is easy to be carried by kids who don’t like to load up. We can say that it is the perfect backpack to take to daycare, road trips, vacations, or anywhere else your kid wants to. Tinyme offers an extensive range of backpacks so every kid can find the one that syncs with their style. 


Lazada is one of the leading online marketplaces in Singapore where you can find a huge variety of toddler backpacks. With different vendors selling their own unique variety of bags, your kid can explore endless options and grab the one that they love. The store has made it easier for moms and kids to find their perfect bag. Lazada ensures that there is a bag for every kid out there. 


Explore an exciting collection of backpacks at Ergokid. Our favorite one from their collection is Ergobag’s Prime School Backpack. From traveling to carrying it to school, this backpack is an all-in-one. It comes in handy wherever you need to carry stuff for your little one. Apart from being practical, it comes in intricate prints and colors to captivate your kid’s attention right away. What we love about this backpack is that it has a feature to distribute the load evenly so those tiny shoulders don’t have to lift heavy weight. Ergokid has definitely some amazing variety in stock so do check it out.

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Pupsik Studio

Pupsik Studio has whimsical backpacks that make them perfect to carry anywhere. From school trips to everyday adventures, their backpacks are a practical choice. With extra pockets, your little one can add whatever they want. Considering the hot climate of Singapore, their backpacks are equipped with comfortable straps to prevent your kid from sweating. Parents highly adore their animal-themed backpacks. So, go and check out their enchanting collection.


It’s no surprise that a toddler backpack has become a must-have essential for parents. To get the amazing one, Lovingly Signed is the best store to shop. Whether your kid likes small cute prints or is an animal lover, they can easily find a perfect backpack for their trips. Shop a personalized backpack for your kid from Lovingly Signed. 


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