Lyrics Not Showing On Spotify? Change Your Music Service!

Everyone has a hidden singer within them which doesn’t come out easily unless they have drunk some interesting stuff. After that, everyone is Arijit and Sonu Nigam. Now if this side of you is out in public, you don’t want to ruin this moment by singing the wrong lyrics. The music apps that you use might be providing you lyrics till now but you need to check if they are still offering that feature or not.

Spotify is one of the apps that used to provide lyrics, but now it is accessible only to premium users. So if lyrics not showing on Spotify is something that’s bothering you, it’s now time to change your music service. Here are a few options that will help you with this problem and provide you with great music and their lyrics too.

1)  YouTube Music

YouTube has established itself as an amazing entertainment platform, but were you aware of the fact it also has a dedicated app just for songs? YouTube Music is yet to be a well-known service because it has always been overshadowed by YouTube’s popularity. But this is what you need to know. YouTube Music has an impressive catalog full of all genres of music from India as well as from countries around the world.

You also get access to the lyrics of all these songs, which will ensure that you sing all your favorite songs properly! To get rid of the ads and get the best of this music, get its monthly subscription of just INR 99 per month.

2)  Amazon Music

Prime users, if you have been watching everyone else flaunting their singing skills, it’s your time to shine now. Bundled with your Prime subscription, you also have access to Amazon Music which has over 100 million songs. This is also one of the best lyrics apps out there, so accessing the right words to all your favorite songs is just a matter of a few clicks.

You’ll get top-quality music across genres and languages along with lyrics perfectly matching the tune. Now you are prepared to take on anyone in a singing competition, probably Arijit too. Just kidding! Here you’ll find songs from every generation along with plenty of other features, which makes it a must-try app for all. If you don’t have a Prime subscription, you can get one for just INR 1,499 a year.

3)  Apple Music

Passionate about design, this company has crafted some of the most exceptional devices throughout history. Therefore, it comes as no shock that its music service showcases a stunning user interface. The interface is user-friendly and it provides access to an extensive catalog of music and podcasts.

You might find this strange if you are an Android user but yes, you can use this Apple application. Apple Music has been known for its massive collection of 100 million songs and at just INR 99 per month, you get to enjoy these with lyrics too. Their team of experts has created tons of playlists to suit every occasion and mood. To sum it up, you’ll benefit from essential features such as unlimited music playback, an ad-free experience, lyrics, and more.


You only get to call a song your favorite if you can sing at least 80% of the song correctly. And these apps similar to Spotify in many ways are perfect to enhance the music listening experience. Every app here provides you with lyrics to every song available and the ability to be used offline as well. Now, all you need to do is try these out and choose the perfect one yourself.

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